4 Common Types Of Car Accident Injuries That Chiropractors Treat 

Surviving a car accident is often a traumatic ordeal for many victims to experience. However, the recovery period is often just the beginning of the hardship. When you are left with painful injuries after a car accident, you may not be able to immediately return to your work or live life like you normally would. To facilitate your recovery following a car accident, you can consider seeing an experienced chiropractor so that you can alleviate your pain and other symptoms. They will use chiropractic techniques that target the underlying source of your pain and aim to restore your body. Here are some of the most common types of car accident injuries that chiropractors specialize in treating. 

Back Injuries 

It is common for car accident victims to have back injuries, especially if they were involved in accidents like rear-end collisions and rollover crashes. Injuries like lower back fractures can be debilitating, and they can take several months to recover from. Having a back injury can impact many areas of your life, and it can force you out of work or leave you bedridden or in a wheelchair for weeks. Chiropractors use a variety of techniques, like spinal manipulation to align the spine and relieve sore and aching back muscles. 

Nerve Injuries 

If you have recently been in an accident, you could suffer injuries affecting your nerves. A pinched nerve is painful and can make it hard to walk, sit, or get up. It can cause a disruption in nerve signals being sent to other areas of the body, and can lead to a tingling sensation, numbness, and other symptoms. Chiropractic treatment like therapeutic massage takes pressure off the nerve so that signals from the nerve can move without restriction to the rest of the central nervous system. 

Shoulder Pain 

Car accident victims can suffer shoulder pain due to seatbelts pressing against their chest, if they were struck from debris, slammed onto the dashboard or car, or other causes. There is often a lot of damage to the muscles and joints in the shoulder.  Injuries like shoulder strains or dislocations are often extremely painful. It can take a long time to recover from shoulder pain, but as a car accident chiropractor can explain, such injuries can be effectively treated by a personalized chiropractic program.

Leg Pain

It is common for car accident victims to suffer leg injuries. Their legs may get pinned by the dashboard or a seat. Leg injuries like broken bones, knee injuries, and complex leg fractures can cause severe tissue damage and nerve damage, making it difficult to get up or walk even a short distance. Chiropractic treatments and therapies like therapeutic massage and physical therapy can produce excellent results for accident victims with musculoskeletal injuries. 

Advanced and targeted chiropractic care has helped many patients recover faster and obtain meaningful relief from their injuries. For more information about how chiropractic treatments can benefit you following an accident, contact a trained and certified car accident chiropractor to schedule an appointment now.