About Us

Ocala Injury Center provides the care you deserve for a healthier, happier lifestyle. Utilizing advanced Chiropractic technology, we design wellness programs tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

We focus on offering non-surgical and effective care to those in the Ocala, Florida area. Ocala Injury Center have established ourselves as a clinic that provides friendly customer service so that every patient feels comfortable and welcomed. We know that health is a top priority for most people, and that serious pain can drastically impact a person’s ability to enjoy life. We are dedicated to alleviating discomfort and aiding healing for those who are injured or struggling with pain issues. 

Patient Care and Availability 

Ocala Injury Center are so dedicated to patient care, and are proud to say that we have state of the art technology that helps diagnose and treat your aches and pains. Through this technology, we can create a customized care plan that suits each patient uniquely. Every body is different, and we treat them as such.

Furthermore, we also offer free transportation if you are unable to drive yourself to our office. We are happy to swing by and pick you up! You just have to call us and let us know where you are located. We know that pain can happen anytime, so we have extended our hours for increased availability.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Through advanced chiropractic approaches, we can establish treatment plans that are geared toward each individual person. What may work for one person, may not be best for another. There is no blanket approach to treating the conditions of the human body. We have the tools and knowledge to help you feel at your best.

Our goal is to decrease pain while restoring the health of joints, nerves, and muscles. Issues of the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal system may develop for various reasons, whether that be injury or illness. Our team strives to see our patients’ health get better. We hope you rely on us for compassionate and quality care.

Our Doctors are Certified

You can rest assured that our doctors are board certified and/or board eligible. We do not accept anything less than a high standard of care and education for ourselves, which makes us an ideal choice for meeting your needs. Our chiropractic team is trained to provide prompt and lasting treatments. If you or someone you know needs care, please don’t hesitate to call us, even if it’s just to ask a question or two! There’s no obligation, we really are just here to help. 

We Are Here To Assist You

At Ocala Injury Center, patient care is our top priority, and we are here for you. If you want to hear more about how our clinic can help you get to better health and enhance your quality of life, call us at 352-644-7707 today!