Whiplash Chiropractor Ocala, Fl

whiplash chiropractor in Ocala, FL Have you recently experienced whiplash because of a car crash or other accident? Trained medical professionals at Ocala Injury Center are ready to help.

Whiplash is a common injury experienced by countless Americans every year. There are many causes, but most people are unaware of how serious whiplash can be. It can cause severe medical issues if left untreated, so getting in touch with a whiplash chiropractor Ocala, FL, should be one of your top priorities after a car accident, impact sports injury, or any other accident that can cause whiplash.

It’s important to know what makes whiplash so dangerous. Understanding the basic causes and symptoms is step one.

What Causes Whiplash?

In the simplest terms, whiplash can be defined as a neck injury caused by a forceful impact. When your head is moved back and forward too quickly, you can experience whiplash. This rapid back-and-forth motion is most often seen in car accidents, but it’s common in sports and some instances of physical violence or assault also.

Knowing the cause is just as important as knowing the symptoms. Signs of whiplash usually present themselves shortly after an accident and may get worse without proper care and treatment. Whiplash causes neck pain and stiffness, and can reduce your range of motion: you might only be able to turn your head a tiny amount in each direction without experiencing severe pain.

While whiplash primarily causes neck pain, some less common symptoms include headaches and pain or tenderness in your shoulders. Whiplash can especially affect those who are older or were injured in high-speed collisions.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

People in Ocala experience whiplash every day, but they shouldn’t have to live with the consequences. Car accidents happen all the time, and because whiplash is relatively common, some people assume that it’s safe to sleep it off and let it resolve itself. However, ignoring whiplash is risky, and leaves you open to more severe health problems later on.

Left untreated, whiplash can cause chronic neck or back pain. In some cases, this pain can also spread to your shoulders. This chronic pain means a lifetime of seeking treatment and proper pain management, and in the case of whiplash, it’s totally preventable: all you need to do is get in touch with a whiplash chiropractor.

Getting the Care You Need

A medical professional from Ocala Injury Center can help you manage your whiplash, and prevent chronic pain from developing from your car accident or other injuries. If you want to treat your whiplash, you’ll need a personalized recovery plan that addresses your exact symptoms. This typically involves exercises and routines recommended by a chiropractor.

Contacting a chiropractor in Ocala should be your first priority after experiencing whiplash. A qualified chiropractor can thoroughly examine your spine to determine the extent of your injury, and will also determine the limits of motion: what you can move, and how much you can move it. This is all part of the recovery process, and working with a chiropractor to develop a recovery plan that’s right for you is step one.

Whiplash Recovery at Ocala Injury Center

At Ocala Injury Center, we’re dedicated to managing your whiplash. Our medical professionals offer comprehensive and personalized care for each injury, and our chiropractic specialists focus on developing the right recovery plan for you so you can move on from your accident.

We strive to achieve optimal results in functioning and performance. Contact Ocala Injury Center to get started.