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invisalign Provo, UT braces Provo, UT invisalign treatment Provo, UT What is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc refers to the displacement or damage of the tissue that serves as a cushion between the invertebrate in the spine. It seems like a small thing, but when everything with the spine is not lined up just so it can cause various types of pain and even decrease the patient’s quality of life because of the debilitating pain. Not being able to function at your full potential is disheartening and depressing, but there is hope – you don’t have to live like this! Treatment from an experienced disc herniation chiropractor Ocala, FL trusts from the Ocala Injury Center may be the answer to getting back to living your normal, pain-free life. Let us earn your trust for your treatment by scheduling a consultation to discuss your treatment options and specific disc herniation details. 


There are several symptoms of disc herniation, and you could be experiencing any number of them as a result of your herniated disc. To know for sure if your pain is due to a herniated disc is it recommended that you see a chiropractor for a diagnosis. The list below is not exhaustive but can give you an idea of the expected pain for this type of injury. 

  • Back Pain
  • Back Muscle Spasms
  • Numbness or tingling along thigh
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Burning Feeling in Back, Arm, or Shoulder

Common Causes of Herniated Discs

  • Over-Use
    Excessive physical exercise, such as weightlifting, can be a cause of a herniated disc because of the stress it puts on the spine. A physically demanding job may also result in spine and disc injuries because of the repeated stress and wear.
  • Injury or Trauma
    Some type of injury or trauma to the back and spine and be the cause of disc herniation from incidents such as car accident, sports injury, falls, etc. and an Ocala, FL disc herniation chiropractor can help you start your journey to healing.
  • Genetics
    If herniated discs run in the family, it is possible to be more susceptible to this type of injury simply because of your genetics.
  • Gradual Wear
    Over time the body does experience some wear and tear that can lead to issues such as back pain from a herniated disc, which can be difficult to avoid, but is treatable by an experienced disc herniation chiropractor in Ocala, FL.

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Your chiropractor will explain your disc herniation injury in detail and exactly how their treatment plan will work to correct and heal your spine. One of the key benefits to working with a chiropractor is the non-invasive nature of their treatment, unlike complicated and risky surgeries that require a lot of recovery time, not to mention the large financial expense that comes along with surgery and hospital stays. Don’t hesitate to meet with an Ocala, FL disc herniation chiropractor to find out what treatment options they can provide to get you started on the healing process and begin relieving your pain. Call us at the Ocala Injury Center today to schedule your consultation!