Back Pain Chiropractor Ocala, FloridaBack Pain Chiropractor Ocala, FL

When working with an Ocala, FL back pain chiropractor, your treatment may involve a series of sessions. During these sessions, the experienced team at Ocala Injury Center may recommend spinal manipulation, massage, ultrasound therapy, stretches, and/or alternative treatment methods in order to address your unique back pain challenges, needs and goals.

What Can I Do After My Sessions to Get the Most Benefits from Them?

In order to get the greatest benefits from your chiropractic therapy, you’ll want to follow up at home according to any recommendations given to you by your Ocala, FL back pain chiropractor.  Here are some of the ways you can participate in your treatment from home, depending upon the terms of your uniquely-tailored care plan.

Stretching Exercises

You may receive instructions for gentle stretching exercises you can do at home. For example, if you require spinal realignment therapy to correct subluxations, it may be because you are using the wrong muscle groups, leaving others tight and weak. A daily stretching regimen that you can perform between chiropractic sessions will help neglected muscles get back in shape and improve your range of motion.

Strengthening Exercises

Healthy muscles are not only flexible; they are strong enough to handle daily activities that you might have abandoned or modified due to pain. Exercises that strengthen various muscle groups, including those in your core, will help restore your ability to move comfortably and prevent future subluxations or damage.

Apply Heat and Cold

Your chiropractor may ask you to accompany your at-home exercise routine with applications of heat and cold. Applying heat to affected body parts before exercising will keep muscles pliable and help you get the most from your stretching and strengthening routine. Applying cold compresses after exercising will control inflammation that can cause pain or discomfort, which might occur after reactivating dormant muscles. 


Chiropractors use manual or machine-assisted massage therapy to relax muscles, relieve painful contractions, and help oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow to damaged tissues. Your chiropractor will teach you appropriate massage techniques and help you explain them to others who may massage your back, which is difficult for you to reach. 


Taking walks can strengthen various muscle groups, including those in your core, which will help keep your spine correctly aligned. In addition, your chiropractor may recommend daily walks to:

  •       Help your blood carry vital nutrients to your body’s tissues
  •       Improve your muscle flexibility and strength
  •       Prevent compression of your spinal discs
  •       Strengthen your bones

Use Correct Movements

Your treatment aims to attain a healthy level of mobility to ensure that you can perform the daily activities in your life comfortably and effectively. Your chiropractor will instruct you about correctly moving your body to avoid injury while performing various activities, including sitting, sleeping, and bending.  

Chiropractic Assistance Is Available

If you have not yet scheduled a consultation with an experienced Ocala, FL back pain chiropractor at Ocala Injury Center, please do so today. Allowing us to evaluate your needs and goals can help us to develop an effective treatment plan in an effort to facilitate a life that is as free of back pain as is possible under your unique circumstances. We look forward to speaking with you.