What Can I Expect During Reiki Sessions?

Reiki is a form of healing that is growing significantly in popularity, as it can benefit those who are struggling with both emotional and physical symptoms. As a specialist in Reiki and massage therapy like our friends at Lotus Wellness Center can explain, Reiki is based on the concept of energy, and that we are all surrounded by the same force. This energy can get blocked and stagnant, eventually causing physical ailments. A Reiki healer can consult with you privately to discuss whether this method of alternative medicine can aid in your physical and mental healing.

The Session

During the Reiki session, patients are always fully clothed, and may lay on a massage table or semi-reclined chair. The session may not result in the most optimal results if a patient is physically uncomfortable. If you have painful areas or mobility challenges, please notify your Reiki healer beforehand so accommodations can be made. In general, sessions last for one hour or longer.

Light or No Touch

A Reiki healer may apply gentle pressure or none at all during the therapy session. Whether a practitioner uses direct touch depends on the preferences of the patient and his or her needs. In many cases, a practitioner uses a mixture of both direct and non-direct contact. When a practitioner isn’t touching the patient, hands are held hovering over the body by a few centimeters or inches.

As a practitioner performs various hand placements, the patient may feel heat, coolness, energy, tingling, or nothing. The sensations (or lack of) are not a barometer of whether the therapy is working, instead it is based on how the patient’s body detects energy. Regardless of the type of physical sensations experienced, it is common for patients to feel a deep sense of mental peace during the session.

Frequency of Reiki Therapy

Many patients ask how many sessions will be needed to achieve the desired results. Perhaps the most honest answer is that there may not be a way to tell from the very start. A Reiki healer can make a recommendation for how often to come in for therapy, but it depends on the patient’s preferences and how he or she feels after sessions. Most patients who receive Reiki regularly, feel a growing sense of calmness in their daily lives. It isn’t uncommon for a patient to try it once, then continue on a scheduled basis as part of a health and wellness plan.

What to Do After

Once a session with a Reiki healer is complete, it’s recommended to drink plenty of water. This is so your body can hydrate, and the energy system can flow optimally. Eat healthy food and set aside quiet time to journal or reflect, to further healing and promote mental clarity for hours afterward.

Alternative medicine can be a great way for people to find the health results they are looking for. Many have witnessed how Reiki can be powerful in changing a person’s life for the better. It’s always best to reach out sooner rather than later!