Steps to File an Auto Accident Claim 

Auto Accident Lawyer

If you need help after a serious auto accident, see what your legal options are by talking to a qualified attorney. Working with an attorney who specializes in auto accidents can improve your chances of obtaining your deserved compensation. They can help pursue the individual responsible for causing the accident that led to your injury. As a highly experienced and qualified auto accident lawyer like one from Ward & Ward Law Firm can tell you, the claims process is often long and complex. There is not much time to file your case, so you need to get started before the time runs out.

Obtain Police Report 

A few days after the accident, you can request access to the police report. Go to the local police station and they will hand you a copy of the report, which will contain important information like the drivers and victims involved, the cause of the accident, and the official conclusion to the investigation. Provide this report to your lawyer so they can start piecing together factual information of the case.

Get Medical Records

If you received treatment right after the accident, you should obtain your medical records that detail your injuries and treatment. When you are trying to list the complete damages in your case, refer to your medical records so that you can accurately calculate your medical expenses. A lawyer needs this information so they know what settlement amount they need to negotiate for on your behalf. 

Take Photos of Your Injuries and Car 

Get photos of your injuries and damage to your vehicle to add to your evidence collection. As you recover, continue to take photos of your injury to track any changes. When you are taking photos of your vehicle, make sure to get the damage from multiple angles. Photography the interior of the vehicle as well to note other details, such as whether airbags were deployed. 

Contact a Qualified Lawyer

Taking the time to fully explore your legal options can be beneficial and can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful case. Hiring an auto accident lawyer means you don’t have to go through your case alone, and you have a skilled professional to answer all of your questions. You can have the support you need no matter what developments occur in your case. To learn more, contact a top car accident attorney now to get started.