What Should I Expect When Starting Therapy?


The topic of going to therapy is taboo for many. It is viewed as something that is reserved for a specific group of people, such as those suffering from a mental illness. Few people are willing to admit that they might benefit from therapy. However, therapy has plenty of benefits. You can gain a lot from starting counseling sessions from a licensed therapist, such as one from Lotus Wellness Center. If you are wondering what to expect, here are a few points that you should be aware of before you begin.

Trust Is Not Immediate

Trust is a core part of effective counseling. Clients find success when they are matched with a counselor who is in tune with their needs. The client has to be comfortable enough where they can be open, vulnerable and honest to a counselor about their feelings and experiences. However, building trust with your therapist is a gradual process and will take time over the course of several sessions.

You May Need to Switch Therapists

Licensed therapists each have their own unique practice areas that they specialize in, from anxiety disorders to general stress management. It is common for many new clients to switch therapists, often multiple times, before they find one with the right background and experience that fits their needs and treatment. While this can be challenging for clients, it is a normal part of navigating mental health treatment. When you are doing your research to find a therapist or counselor, find one whose experience aligns with your mental health needs. 

Progress Is Not Linear 

Opening up about your deep-rooted struggles to a mental health professional can take you out of your comfort zone. As you go through your sessions, you may realize that certain areas may be more difficult to enact changes in. For example, you may become better at managing anxiety, but still have difficulty forming meaningful social relationships. This is natural, as every client’s mental health journey will look different and you might see noticeable progress in certain areas more than others.

Exploring how counseling can change and improve how you go through your life is a good first step to take. THe journey to recovery and healing may be a long one for many people, but it is well worth the investment. If you are looking for real solutions to issues such as anxiety, stress and other forms of mental struggles you are going through, learn about how counseling can benefit you.